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Transport and freight forwarding

Freight forwarding and international transport are the cornerstones of our business.

Our primary expertise is speedy road transport using vehicles within a 3.5t GVW limit. We provide our services throughout the European Union and in the United Kingdom.

We are committed to long-term cooperation based on mutual trust. Understanding the needs of our partners and their satisfaction are the keys to our success and collective growth.

<p>Just-in-Time,<br /> timely deliveries</p>

timely deliveries

We deliver goods effectively and efficiently, safely and on time according to the customer’s requirements. We also deliver to manufacturing sites. Our deliveries are fast and reliable due to our high quality and the efficiency of logistic processes based on excellent relationships with our partners, good teamwork between our drivers and forwarders, and a well-developed transport network.

<p>Import/export shipment processing</p>

Import/export shipment processing

We ensure complete support for international import/export transport orders in accordance with CMR. Years of experience and mutual trust have allowed us to develop an excellent logistic network comprising more than 1,800 companies. Thus, we are able to organise and carry out transport from any place in Europe.

<p>Full truckload and partial truckload shipments</p>

Full truckload and partial truckload shipments

We support both full truckload shipments (FTL) from a consignor to a consignee, and partial truckload shipments (LTL) with optimised additional inter-loading stops on a path to the destination. Any transport is carried out with our own vehicle fleet, comprising trucks with a maximum 1t load capacity (3.5t GVW), and by carefully selected sub-contractors.

<p>24/7 shipment monitoring</p>

24/7 shipment monitoring

We monitor each order on a regular basis. Our customers may use onboard GPS at all our vehicles to check their shipment status at any time. In addition, if you need to contact us, our team of freight forwarders is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

<p>24/7 cargo storage and handling</p>

24/7 cargo storage and handling

We provide storage and handling services for your loads. At our warehouse in Zgorzelec, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, any time you want us. Its location by the German border, 30km from the Czech Republic border and 8km off the A4 motorway exit to Zgorzelec, makes our handling warehouse a mandatory stop along the route for any deliveries to the west of Europe.

  • We have been on the market since 2005 and have gathered experience for more than 15 years.
  • We live by such rules as continuous development, hard work and the commitment of our entire personnel to the satisfaction of our partners.
  • We support long-term relationships based on know-how and mutual trust in our daily work.
  • We listen to the needs of our customers and approach each case individually.
  • We adapt to any changes in the market by developing our services and solutions appropriately.
  • Our freight forwarders are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Our operations are transparent. You may follow transport orders with a tracking system which monitors vehicles in real-time 24/7.
  • We always work with trusted and proven people, and our database stores details of around 3,000 partner companies.
  • Our head office and handling warehouse are located in an excellent place, close to the German and Czech borders.
  • We only work with experienced and proven drivers whom we trust completely.

Your cargo is in good hands

Our teamwork is key, and all Matfil employees are attentive to ensure timely deliveries, high quality and safe operations. As our drivers carry the loads, our freight forwarders make every effort – on a regular basis – to optimise delivery routes.

They are also responsible for taking care of our customers and provide any demanded information on services at any time of day. Our work requires mutual trust, long-term partnership, know-how and experience. We provide all of the support, and we remain at your service.

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Our strengths:

  • promptness, timeliness, safety
  • a case-by-case approach and adapting to the needs of customers
  • a tightly functioning team composed of committed employees
  • proven, trusted, experienced and well-mannered shippers and drivers
  • continuous development, focus on new technologies and mind open to innovations, following the market demands
  • good communication skills in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French
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  • Equipped with a GPS system
  • Equipped with webasto, air conditioning and a Heavy Truck cabin
  • Equipped with safety sides to protect your cargo
  • Equipped with non-slip mats to protect packages from damage
  • Possibility to share the current location of the vehicle
  • Equipped with solutions that allow you to scan documents immediately after unloading

In addition to the transport of goods using our own fleet, we are able to organize transport through the network of our partner companies.

Thanks to the cooperation with over 1800 European companies, we can deliver the car to the indicated place in a very short time and pick up the goods from virtually anywhere in Europe

– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We work together with:

Irish Ferries
P&O Ferries
Corsica ferries
Unity Line