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Katarzyna Sosnowska

Zajmuje się wyceną i wystawianiem faktur. Uwielbia podróże oraz dobrą książkę. Interesuje się psychologią oraz tematami związanymi z rozwojem osobistym. Kontakt telefoniczny: +48536818909 Adres mailowy: ksosnowska@matfil.eu ID Trans: 134461-43

Andrzej Ostrowski

I am a graduate of the University of Wroclaw, Faculty of Managerial Economics. I have been mostly dealing with trade and services in my career spanning more than 20 years. I appreciate working with professionals and prefer an evolving environment to stop me from getting stuck in a rut. In my spare time, I love […]

Aleksander Miśkowicz

Aleksander is responsible for monitoring drivers’ work-time, reporting completed contracts and procuring new cargo. He is strongly interested in the automotive industry and, in his spare time, he likes to watch movies or play video games. Phone: +48531162660 E-mail: amiskowicz@matfil.eu ID Trans: 134465-6

Łukasz Marszałek

Łukasz deals with the procurement and sale of cargo. He loves snowboarding and cars. In his spare time, he enjoys software coding. Phone: +48535867862 ID Trans:134461-36

Sylwia Kojma

I take care of HR documentation and financial settlements, and I operate local software tools. In my spare time, I enjoy cycling, swimming and sightseeing. Phone: +794222151 E-mail: skojma@matfil.eu ID Trans: 134465-4

Karolina Lubińska

Karolina is in charge of cargo procurement and deals with all communication with customers and transport companies. She loves mountaineering and bike trips. Any spare evening she has is spent with a book in her hand. Phone: +48570741794 E-mail: klubinska@matfil.eu ID Trans: 134461-35  

Marta Cholewa

Marta’s responsibilities are procurement and monitoring of cargo and maintaining good relationships with customers. In her free time, she attends musical performances. She loves handicrafts and likes working on and reworking items to make them look even more beautiful. Phone: +48535866516 E-mail: mcholewa@matfil.eu Trans ID: 134461-26